Power Pole Micro, Is It Worth It?

Holding tight on a windy day is every fisherman’s dream and thankfully we live in an era where there are many options to make that happen. Some of these options are rather expensive compared to others. The Power Pole Micro Anchor is probably the most expensive anchoring system in all of kayak fishing, but is it worth it?

The Micro Anchor unit is going to consist of 2 to 3 separate orders depending on if you decide to go with the battery pack.

  1. Power Pole Micro unit = $595.00

  2. Power Pole Micro Spike = $79.99 to $99.99 depending on the Spike you choose.

  3. Micro Battery Pack = $195.00

Right out of the gate your grand total is $889.99 +/- depending on your Spike option or purchase of the battery pack.

Once you open the Micro unit package you will have everything you need with the exception of the mounting bolts for a kayak. If you are in a Jackson Kayak like me you will need to run to the hardware store for some 1” long ¼-20 bolts in order to mount your bracket. If you are not in a kayak that comes molded for the anchor you will need to jump on the Yak Attack website to find a mounting plate that’s designed for your kayak.

Your 1st trip to the lake you are going to notice the anchor is back there. You’ve added a decent amount of weight hanging off the back end of your vessel. I had to adjust my seat trim and slide my crate a little more forward to help get my kayak sitting like I want it. This is really a non issue if you have a kayak that has those adjustments available. Next you are going to feel the spike moving if you go with the original 8.5’ option. It has more flex that the Ultra Light option and can change that center of gravity a bit when standing to fishing. It all comes down to that extra half of a foot and how much you think you need it.

The Micro Anchor itself will function flawlessly right out of the box. You will however need to do the calibration step so it all works like it is supposed to. If you are a kayak angler you will need to adjust the force that the anchor uses coming down. Keep in mind the Micro Anchor is designed to hold an aluminum bass boat and will run you up the flag pole so to speak. But if you make the adjustment you will be fine.

With the 8.5 Spike the Micro Anchor is going to shine around water depths of 0 to 7’-6”. This covers a lot of areas that are good in spring and fall transitions. One thing I have done is use weed beds to help slow my drift in some deeper water areas at times. That won’t always be the case but when its available, it helps. There are always going to be some fish in those 7 to 8 foot areas of water and the power pole can be a very useful tool to help you stay on point when you find them.

The “Pro’s”:

  1. No anchor cords at your feet like some manual style models

  2. Up and down with the press of a button

  3. Easy to remove and store

  4. Allows you to stay on a spot and focus on fishing

  5. Battery life last all day

  6. Durable in all conditions

  7. Not having to manually use a stake out pole every time you want to move.

The “Con’s”:

  1. Price, Not everyone is able to afford the unit as it cost more than some kayaks.

  2. Spike storage, The Spike is 8’-6” long and it’s hard to find a spot during travel.

  3. Limited Depth, If you like deep water fishing, it may not be the tool for you.

  4. Extra weight to drag around.

So with all this lets get back to the question “Is it worth it”? For "me", yes it is 100% worth it. If you have fought the wind any at all you get pretty willing to pay for any option available. Where the Micro anchor shines for me is the ability to have a fish on and click a button to hold my ground. If that fish gets caught up on a log with a simple click I am free to go to it. I don’t have to fumble with a anchor cord, winch, stake-out pole and my focus at all times remains on that fish at the end of my line. If you are in a tournament situation where every bite counts it is a no brainer for those 0 to 8’ areas. If you have to focus on something other than that 1 fish it could cost you the opportunity at landing it.

It’s not the perfect solution but it is a great one. If you are looking at fishing super deep structure it may not be the right tool for you at all times but it will be a helpful too at times as well. Think about how and where you like to fish before you make your purchase.

I would also like to add in closing that Bass Crazy 365 was not asked to do a review on this product. I paid every dollar for this kayak fishing tool out of my own pocket. So with that I wanted to extend my view on if it was actually worth my hard earned dollar. I hope this helps you with your possible future purchase.

Stay Crazy - Chad Brock

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