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Early to bed, early to rise and the early bird gets the worm must have been coined by fishermen many years ago. We travel in darkness to boat ramps all over the world to hunt the fish that we desire with the aroma of coffee in the air. The boat ramp is typically dark offering minimal light if any at all. If you’re heading to some of these off the grid ramps on a river there’s most likely not a light for miles. Most of us arrive to fumble around with a head lamp and cell phone light trying to rig up while dreaming we had a set up like an Elite Series pro to offer some light. I know I have done it for years and we’ve been to some pretty sketchy boat ramps since getting into kayak fishing. Luckily for me I had the pleasure of meeting the folks of 10oc LED’s at the Owensboro Sportsman’s Expo and now my mornings are a lot brighter

The story of 10oc LED’s started in 2009 when Joe Chandler took a houseboat trip to Dale Hollow Lake. It was during that trip that Joe fell in love with the area and decided to make a change and move the family to Livingston, TN to be closer to the water. Right after the move Joe made the purchase of a pontoon boat so that they would be able to enjoy the lake as a family.

To enjoy the pontoon later into the evening hours Joe decided he needed to add some lighting. It was then that his future Son In-Law Cory showed him a video of some new LED lighting that was coming onto the market. Rather than using the big clunky rope style lights Joe began to experiment with building his own. The testing began on the family’s boat with a wide of different silicones, epoxies and it wasn’t long before the whole neighborhood at Dale Hollow Lake was talking. Joe decided that the reaction around the lake was well enough to take on building them and supplying folks with his product. Being a stickler for quality he knew he could provide something that the customer and himself could be proud of. So in the summer of 2011 Joe opened the doors to 10OC LED’s and went to work.

In 2014 10oc LED’s had grown to the point Joe began building lights full time. He made a purchase buying a piece of lake side property in 2015 where he planned to build his home and open a brand new shop. It was at that time that Joe’s son Chanse returned home to join his father and sister in the business. They started talking about lighting kits and taking the product to some of the different fishing expos. By 2016 they had their best sales year and had the business humming along.

2017 started off much the same with Joe and Chanse working to finish construction on the new home and shop. In March of that year Joe had found that his cancer from 2014 had returned. Chanse took over the day to day operations and kept working to complete the new home and shop. Kiley focused on taking care of their father. Joe taught both his kids the in’s and outs of the business to ensure the knowledge to carry on. Come June, Chanse was able to finish the home and the shop. Unfortunately in September of 2017 Joe lost his battle with cancer.

Today both Chanse and Kiley work hard to carry on their father’s legacy in their products and customer service. They have added Joe’s bother John Chandler and good friend Bryan Whitehead to their team as they continue to grow. The 10oc product line also continues to grow through the 4 of them the whole time keeping Joe’s vision at heart. The goal is to offer the best products possible from trailer and boat light kits to their one of a kind crappie light. They have even begun a journey into the ever exploding market of kayak fishing.

10oc LED’s is a story about family, passion and fishing that offers a bright future. Everyone here at BassCrazy365.net is excited to be a small part of their story as they move forward in bring current and future product to light. Stop by their social pages and website and follow them along on their journey.


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