The Road Is Hard

Is fishing your dream? Are you willing to lose everything and I mean everything to make your fishing dreams come true? Over the years I've seen so many friends come and go from the sport. It doesn't matter if it's a kayak angler or a regular bass boat angler the effects of our sport are non bias. 

They say behind every man is a good woman to keep him in check. Well that is until she gets the credit card statement each month and sees your tackle purchases. Or maybe it's when she needs you and you're in the middle of a lake with no cell service. If you've been in this sport for long you're lying if you haven't. You're probably also brain dead if you're one of those guys that says "she doesn't care what I do".

Fishing starts small but in it's cycle tends to evolve into a monster if an angler dares tap into that deep rooted need for competition. There becomes needs and wants, the feeling that if you just buy this you'll catch them. What most lose site of is how much they are actually spending, trying to buy a fish catch. Don't get me wrong tackle is cool but it's easy to get way in over you're head real quick. Ike notes in his book Fishing on the Edge that inside every angler is a collector. I honestly agree 100%, iCast wouldn't be so amazing if it wasn't true. 

Tournament fishing starts the same way as the tackle obsession. Anglers put their toes in water and before you know it that 60 dollar entry hits 500. You're gone every weekend and pre fishing through the week. Lets not even dare talking about travel expenses.Mean while things at home are starting to pile up.  Your to do list becomes neglected and stems into arguments with someone you love. Before you know it your blowing it off and saying "Not going to stand in my way, I'm going to do what makes me happy".

All this is typically where ultimatums and lines are drawn in the sand. You'll show up at the ramp to find out so and so had to sell their  boat because they got divorced or is staying home to spend more time with his family. I've seen it and heard it so many times I've lost count. Hell, I won't lie I've had the same arguments you've probably had.

So to you the new guy with stars in his eyes, feeling like the next KVD, understand this dream / business will take everything from you. It's taken everything from a lot of guys before you and will continue to do so after you. Fishing will take your money, your wife, your kids and that shiny boat you have. 

I've seen all this more times than I'd like to. I've seen a lot of good friends go through it. Even this year I have friends close to me dealing with the struggles of the things above. I've seen what being gone and delt with what being gone does to people. 

My only advice is to think, plan, budget, put in the work and prioritize. If this sport is truly your dream, be prepared and know when enough is enough. I hope that you truly succeed in your goals. I wouldn't wish on anyone what I've seen people go through.

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