As anglers we tend to try several new lures and techniques when we 1st start getting into the sport. There are magazines, books, TV shows and YouTube videos that pin us down and have us constantly trying new things. Every year the tackle companies release more and more new items for us to take in and try. But something happens along the way and it’s not that we quit learning so much as we get stubborn and set in our ways as anglers. I have found this year more than every that I am very guilty of being a “little” on the stubborn side and to be honest here; I’ve paid for it all season.

One of the things I think that happens to us as anglers is we find what we are good at, our niche if you will. For me it seems to be crankbaits, spinnerbaits and Texas rigged plastics. The lures are always rigged on fluorocarbon and nothing less than 15 pounds. These have just become the things that worked for me early on and I stuck with them. But this season when I close out my day on the water it seems like the same 3 baits are lying over the front deck of my Big Rig.

When it comes to some of today’s top finesse tactics I’ve been pretty honest with my feelings. I loathe the thought of having to throw some of these tiny sticks that do not look like anything. Rarely do I even take a spinning rod to the lake with me, matter of fact I broke the only one I had and didn’t replace it for 3 years.

The thing is these light lures on light line work, not only are they working in kayaking but in the top ranks of BASS and FLW. It’s caused a shift in the balance of power and stubborn anglers like me have paid the price for not using them. Lake pressure is on the rise everywhere we go these days. Some of these anglers that have found their niche in scaling down have done very well in getting the bites in tougher conditions.

So what’s a stubborn angler to do? Pretty simple, adapt or fall further behind. Some of the things I am doing are just scaling down the baits I like to throw. By backing down the sizes I have noticed I am catching a few more of those fish that had lock jaw. I took on Mystery Tackle Box as a way to get some of those new lures and maybe help put something in my hands that I may not purchase while in the tackle shop. I also buy 1 random lure from Instagram per month. Some smaller tackle makers like 412 Bait Co may have made just enough of a tweak to a product that makes it better than another brand. Most notably I have moved off some of our traditional fishing locations in search of some waters. I even replaced that broken spinning rod and laced it up with some 12 pound fluorocarbon. You will have a hard time getting fluorocarbon out of my hands. I know a lot of guys preach braided line but even with a leader I feel like the total clarity of using all fluorocarbon makes a difference.

The moral to the story is getting out having some fun and try some new things. Every fishing trip doesn’t need to be tournament related and just getting out can offer some good time to try out a new lure or location. Remember that just because these small lures are hot right now also doesn’t mean that these big bulky lures won’t come full circle in a season or 2. Main thing is nobody let my wife know I admitted I was stubborn.

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