Finding Balance

It’s hard to satisfy the “I needs” and “I wants” of the modern day sportsman. In order to fulfill our “As Seen On TV” personas of performance coolers, fancy rods, reels, and lures that cost as much as a tank of gas. At the end of the day it has become difficult for the average Joe to even come close to affording the actually “needs”, let alone all those other “wants” that we feel we have to have. After all if you’re not carrying every color of stick worm in your waterproof, GPS enabled and apocalypse resistant tackle box you’re probably not going to catch anything, right?

For me it had gotten to the point that at one time I’d have 6, 8, or even 9 rods in my sit in kayak along with 6 or more tackle boxes. Then on top of that I carried an anchor with 100 foot of rope, landing net, cooler with supplies for the day, and a huge binder stuff with as much plastic as the zippers would handle.

This season I have been working my way away from caring everything and the kitchen sink in my kayak, and so far so good. To be honest it’s been a little less cumbersome. I’m averaging 3 to 4 rods, around 4 waterproof boxes (still can’t swing one those slick apocalypse proof ones yet), drag chain and 50’ of cord. There are a few other odds and ends but who really cares about how many ounces of sun block I carry?

What’s the take away here? Well, I feel like I am catching just as many fish this year as I ever have and it honestly feels easier after narrowing things down. I know what I have in my kayak and I know what works for me. The kayak is weighing less and is faster on the water with each pound of the unnecessary items I shave from the storage compartments.

It’s hard not to get caught up in all shinny new toys and some of those new toys do actually come in handy sometimes I will admit. At the same time it sparks the question; do I really need a cooler that is literally worth more than my first car or will it just be one more thing that slows my kayak down on the river?

Keep It Easy

Nick Brummett


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