"I Want" vs "I Need"

Over the past few months, I have had a serious case of the “I wants”. Several of the anglers in my area are upgrading to new, bigger and badder kayaks for the season. I am not ashamed to admit that I am wicked jealous right now! I have been religiously trying to sell mine so I that I to can feel that “new kayak” happiness. Not to mention that I also have somewhat of an addictive personality, turns out that could be kind of bad combo when it comes to bass fishing. It’s kind of like a moth to a flame I guess because once I see it, I want it! In bass fishing I have learned that there is no shortage of shiny and new. Just a trip to a store that carries limited amounts of tackle and kayaks tends to leave me gazing while also adding to the “I want” list. I'm sure I am probably not the only person out there that falls into this category. But, it finally is starting to settle in that I should probably focus on doing a little more learning before I let the flash of a new lure or kayak consume me.

Still being very much new to the sport as a whole I yet to tap into different things like rod action, rod length, reel speeds, and the vast amount of tackle that is in the market. A lot of it I am still not exactly 100% sure what it does. There are just hours of learning and practice that it is going to take to figure all these things out. I am super thankful for things like YouTube and the groups of people around me that can help me answer some of these questions.

To help ease the desire for a new kayak, I am going to start thinking about modifications I can make to my kayak. Let’s be honest, my kayak I have right now isn’t even a year old as I type this. But I think by doing a few mods it is going to help me not only learn more about my kayak but more about what is going to be more comfortable to me. This will help me when I go shopping for that next kayak, I’ll know more of what I want in features and function.

Time to step back, look at where I'm at right now. After that I will be able set my goals for this season. For me, I am going to try to talk myself out of the “I wants” and focus on the “needs”. Mostly it comes down to one simple thing, I need to get out and fish. Get on the water; learn water, learn the lure, learn my kayak, pay attention to the weather and learn what the fish are doing. I have a long way to go, and can't get ahead of myself here. I don’t want to lose sight of the joy and fun that I had that very first paddle, or that very first hook set. Baby steps kids, baby steps.


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