Jackson Kayak Cuda HD

One hot, new and exciting product from the folks at Jackson Kayak is the all new Cuda HD. The HD model has received several up grades from the already popular Cuda 12 and will be a great kayak to take the already popular line from Jackson to the next level. We had the opportunity at BassCrazy365.net to take the full tour at the Indiana Boat, Sport & Travel show and are super pleased with this new kayak from the folks at Jackson.

For starters, the most notable thing that you may not see off the bat is that the Cuda HD has grown in size from the Cuda 12. The HD comes it at 12'-10" long X 33" wide, where the Cuda 12 weighs in at 12'-7" long x 31" wide. This should add for a little better tracking and extra stability for overall fishing performance.

By looking at the bow the kayak you will start to immediately notice the changes. There are 2 molded rod tip protectors and redesigned front hatch. The front hatch itself (which is also featured on the Mayfly) has a new latching system along with a new Hypalon Paddle Blade Keeper. This will be a great feature that will allow a Bend Branches paddle to slide right into place with our snagging on the lure retrieving feature.

In the cockpit of the kayak you will notice a new console that features a removable storage tray that can help hold your electronics or extra tackle. There is also a new standing pad that has become standard on most Jackson Kayak Fishing platforms. The best part of the cockpit may be in the seating area. The Cuda HD features a new seat track design that allows the same traditional high low seat as well as the ability to trim how the kayak sits in the water. The new Elite Seat houses a new SealLine Seat pouch, Line Cutterz ring, Therm-a-Rest Pad, and Platypus Hydration system. Just to top it off the new seat design is perfectly engineered to trade out the seat to except the Orion Cooler.

Behind the seat there 2 new RAM Mounts rod holders that have replaced the 2 flush mounts offered on a standard Cuda. This should more adjustable positions for your rods as your environment changes. Jackson has also added a rear tankwell gear track system in order to help with strapping down crates, Orion Coolers or any other gear you may need on your journey.

The last up grade is that the Cuda HD is PowerPole ready. Like many others in the Jackson Kayak line up the PowerPole Micro will offer Cuda fans a new way to anchor down when they hit that hot spot on the water.

Needless to say we are huge fans of the Cuda HD's new layout here at BassCrazy365.net and are looking forward to taking her out on a test drive in the near future. But just in case you are not convinced yet, check out this new video from Jackson Kayak and let some of the Jackson Kayak anglers tell you why the love the new Cuda HD.

Visit the Cuda HD on line at www.jacksonkayak.com

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