The Next Chapter

It’s been a long time since I posted the blog “Flipping the Script” that talked about making the transition into kayak fishing. To say the least it has been an interesting journey. Like any story it has had its inevitable ups and downs with plenty of learning along the way. BassCrazy365 and the story itself have grown so much since that 1st blog. Just in the short time from November to February it has taken on a whole new feel and while I am still in awe on how things have played out I am fired up to get going.

In November I decided to make a few changes on some things during the off season. Some calls began coming in, calls I can tell you I never expected in a million years. There are so many days when you are trying to make your way through the maze of life you wonder if anyone actually see the work, well they do and this off season has shown me just that. It’s been humbling to say the least and I owe it all to the great network of friends that BassCrazy365 has allowed me to build over the years. Without those people I can tell you half of where things are at today would not be.

Not only has the personal side of things been changing but has begun to feel revived and full of fire. With the help of Upside Prints we started pumping out some products people have been asking for. Adding to that, I have been able to add to our team bringing on more new bloggers giving them a chance to share their stories with our readers. The combination of those 2 things has the website humming along at full steam and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s exciting to see where BassCrazy365 is heading since the days of just sharing a photo. Again while the idea was started from the deck of a bass boat, kayaking has really become our foundation that we stand on today. As we grow it will continue to be exciting to see how this evolution keeps playing out.

The Yak Freaks side was just a random extension of BassCrazy365 for so long and now has taken its shape within the network of things bringing some local excitement as a small grass rooted tournament trail. In 2 years the number of anglers increased by 150% with little to no advertisement. The guys that fish it enjoy it and it’s been great watching their skills develop. With the help of the River Bassin Tournament Trail this year stands to be our best yet. We could have taken Yak Freaks several different directions but being part of something like River Bassin is where I feel the best opportunity is. Again comes down to that same network of friendships that have been growing from the beginning and in my opinion there’s not a better group of people to be associated with.

Finally I am excited to begin this next chapter for BassCrazy365 and myself, it’s been a long time coming. While this little state of the union address sounds like all the wheels are rolling I am sure there are going to be bumps along the road. I’m humbled and truly grateful of where things are today. As a fisherman there is always going to be more stories to share and that’s one of the things I love most. So far page 1 of this chapter has been awesome but there is going to be a little surprise on page 2.

Stay Crazy - Chad Brock


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