XX2i Optics Australia 1 Review

Sunglasses are a must have for any angler. Something most of us already know but often times anglers will cut cost and take the cheaper route when purchasing. Unfortunately all sunglasses are not created equal. Taking the cheap route on a set of polarized glasses can lead to headaches during a long day on the water and by headaches, I mean exactly that. Cheaper glasses mean that you will most likely have a cheaper form of coating on the lenses that will cause you some great discomfort on a long day. Low quality causes a lack of protection from the ultra violet and blue light. This leads to the inability to properly keep harmful sunlight from penetrating your eyes. These are the items that cause you the nausea and headaches. Luckily the folks at XX2i Optics have gone to work providing a crystal clear 8K lens at a price that’s affordable.

The Australia 1 was launched mid spring of last year hitting the shelves by midsummer. I personally spent the entire last half of the season wearing these glasses on and off the water. The honest verdict was love at first sight. The glasses fit like glove and I was able to pull my hat lower without the brim pushing the glasses down on my nose. To some that may not sound like that big of a deal but to an angler, it’s a huge deal. The brown polar lenses cut the water well and gave me no issue with eye fatigue.

A few new offerings have come along with the Australia 1 that can really add to the comfort level and fishability. One of the first things you will notice is the detachable ear pieces that allow you to add strap system. This strap system is going to work great on runs across the lake at a high speed. The strap is also going to save anyone working in a smaller space like a kayak from fumbling around with their shades. It also tucks up nice under your hat so that when you go to remove your hat you’re not flinging your glasses halfway across the lake.

For a 3rd keynote you are going to notice a black foam liner inside your box. This really has 3 benefits and the 1st is a little bit of cushion that might come with any type of impact. Secondly it is going to help shed some wind when you are making that long run to your next spot because nobody likes watery eyes. Lastly it is going to block out a little more light around the frame. This is going to play so huge when spring time comes and you are using your eyes to locate spawning bass.

The overall impression with XX2i Optics and the Australia 1 is a good one. You have a great pair of glasses at a price that leaves you more money for tackle. XX2i Optics also carries a no questions asked lifetime warranty, which means if you break them there’s no worry. For any new customers there is a discount of 20% to 50% available just by entering your email address in the pop-up window that appears on the home page. It’s hard to beat a discount out of the gate with a solid warranty. Don’t just take my word for it though, try them out for yourself. Now, get out there and catch some fish.

For more information about XX2i Optics visit www.xx2i.com

Stay Crazy - Chad Brock

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