Vibe Element Cooler Review

Coolers are all the rage in the outdoor world and it doesn’t seem to matter what your outdoor activity is. Anglers, hunters, hikers, campers even soccer moms are all about having a cooler that will get the job done and looks the part. Several new companies have emerged almost overnight to join the outdoor industries latest craze. The price point has soared as well. Folks just cannot seem to get enough. For myself, I have to stop and do my homework, check prices and make sure that I am getting to most bang for the buck. Enter in the Vibe Kayaks line of Element Coolers and suddenly you have a range of sizes at a price that’s affordable.

The size range gives you ample opportunity to cover just about any endeavor you might be wishing to tackle. The 20qt cooler is going to fit great on your kayak or SUP. It’s also at great size cooler for catching an afternoon ballgame with the family or maybe a simple picnic. The 45qt and 75qt are the sizes that you’re going to take everywhere from boating, hunting, camping and maybe even the job site. They are built to survive the week or the weekend. If you’re anything like me you probably have a use for all 3 sizes.

So what do you get with a Vibe Element cooler?

· One piece rotomolded construction

· Up to 3” insulated walls

· UV protection

· Freezer style lid gasket

· Molded tie down slots

· No sweat exterior

· Built in bottle opener

· Integrated fish ruler

· Heavy duty rubber T-latches

· Altitude Pressure release valve

· Rapid flow drain spout

· Integrated locking system

· Heavy duty handle

Optional Add on’s

· Element Cooler Basket

· Element Cup Holder

· Element Cooler Divider

How long does the ice last? Well, we tested our cooler with 2 pounds of ice over the New Year’s weekend. The thinking was at maximum ice the cooler should last 5 days plus some and that the smaller 2 pounds would show how well the insulation worked. We rotated bottled water and two 2 liter bottles throughout the weekend. We let the crowd open and close repeatedly as they got drinks throughout the 4 days. At the end of the fourth day there was plenty of water in the cooler but, we were still holding onto a good deal of ice.

Overall the Vibe Kayaks Element cooler line-up has proven it’s self worthy. I’m greatly impressed with the price, the quality and function. I see the Vibe Element 45 Cooler as item that’s going to take several Bass Crazy adventures with us.

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Stay Crazy, Chad Brock

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