Running Shoes and Fishing Rods

A lot of people ask me to hear my fishing stories when they find out about who Bass Crazy is. Being only 16, they are more few and far between but I’ve always enjoyed fishing. I’m definitely not the best and there is still a lot to learn. Fishing has been part of my life for as long as I can remember and has had some pretty big influence on me.

In the beginning, I used fishing as a way to spend time with my Dad. It was easy and a low key way to have some fun. I mean who doesn’t find the water relaxing? Every year I had this thing where we would go fishing on my birthday. I always had to catch my “birthday fish”. It was a huge deal to me at the time but looking back at it, those are some of my favorite memories.

When I was 12 I attended my very first Bass Tournament on Lake Monroe. We won and took home big bass that day. I still remember how cool it was getting handed that big stack of cash. I was even more proud that I contributed to that days catch with a bass of my own.

It’s funny how that win worked out. I took the hundred and some odd dollars my dad let me keep and purchased a pair of new running shoes. That was kind of my turning point where the birthday fish faded away and I was too cool to go hang out fishing. I wanted to spend my lake time with friends on the beach soaking up the sun, which still isn’t a bad thing. A girl has got to have a good summer tan, am I right?

About two years ago our Ascend kayaks showed up at our house. Right off the bat my mind goes into fun mode and I start thinking about paddling trips that we can take. It was love at 1st sight. When I was finally able to take a trip it was amazing how peaceful and calming the water was. I fell in love with it, hanging my feet over the sides and standing up to paddle. Honestly I had no desire to go home. For the longest time I would just tag along to paddle and be out of the house, it wasn’t till a trip back to Monroe Lake with a friend that my mind took a turn back towards fishing.

On Labor Day weekend, I talked my Dad into morning kayak fishing trip (Like, it wasn’t real hard). He had already been to Griffy Lake a few weeks before and had an idea of what the bite was. So that Saturday morning we loaded up the kayaks and headed that way. Once we got to the water we got the rods all laced up for the day and took off to our first spot.

It was a trip full of cast here and cast there as we worked down the long stretch of bank. Then it happened, I felt that bump and instantly reacted setting the hook. It was probably the smallest bass I’d ever caught but the rush of adrenaline was overwhelming. The experience felt like nothing else I’d done, being so close and open in the water was amazing, WHAT A RUSH!

Kayaking and kayak fishing has definitely made an impact on me. I couldn’t be happier where it has taken me, from my first kayak fish to my first blog. I guess this Bass Crazy thing might be more contagious than I thought.

Stay Fishy – Ani Brock


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