The Evolution Of The Drop Shot

A drop shot, a relatively new finesse technique that kinda took the fishing world by storm. Is it really a so called "New Technique". When I think back to the days when i was knee high to a grass hopper...some thirty years ago, sitting on the shores of the St. Lawrence River with my buddies. We were on a mission to get as much fishing crammed into the summer as possible and then we didn't know it but we were drop shotting for what ever would bite. A weight on the bottom to anchor down two hooks precisely separated with a worm or a minnow hovering above. The bite was always plentiful, Walleye, Bass, Perch, and everything in between. Fast forward a few decades and welcome to the new Drop Shot era. Whats changed, to start, the introduction of a couple invasive species. Zebra Mussels and Gobies both invasive species have provided some benefit to our fisheries. It's no secret that todays game fish are gorging on the Goby. The Zebra Mussels act like little filters and have helped the clarity of the water. The fishing industry took note and the drop shot bait began to flood the market. Many drop shot baits are made to replicate the Goby. Drop shot pencil weights and zero twist hooks followed. One of the key components on those drop shot weights was the addition of a swivel, and the same goes for the zero twist hooks. I think the addition of the swivels perfected the presentation of the age old drop shot rig. A free spinning bait anchored by a weight that won't twist allows the bait to swim freely and mimic Gobies and other Bait Fish. First impressions were a presentation for deep finesse fishing, and it worked. Giant Small Mouth Bass were rising from the deep on a regular basis. Canadian fishing icon and good friend Dave Chong introduced me to the evolved drop shop technique about six years ago. I joined Dave for some practice before a tournament. I was wowed at the monster bass Dave was catching on his drop shot rig. Since then Ive spent countless hour practicing.

A few things I've learned about the drop shot. It can be used at any depth, especially on days when the bite is tough. I've had success in a foot of water when the Small Mouth Bass are running the shallows hunting for bait fish. Current helps the movement of a drop shot bait but not a necessity. The versatility of the rig is fantastic, it can be used anywhere on any body of water, and given the simplicity anyone can throw this rig. Don't shy away from drop shotting for Large Mouth Bass, there's not much association between the two but it can be very effective and it's really fun when the bite is on. I like to target openings in weed beds and weed edges that are holding them. It's also successful when targeting docks and boat houses. This technique is very easy and worth learning. I've tried it on various fishing lines, Braid straight up, Fluro straight up, and Braid with a Fluro leader. They all worked but the better and recommended is Braid with a Fluro leader. There is no rule of distance between weight and hook, I think it's more preference. Practice, Practice, and more Practice is the real key to any technique. Get comfortable and used to the feel of drop shotting. As you gain experience and confidence you can begin to upgrade your fishing equipment to get the most out of the drop shot. The gear has changed over the years but one thing remains the same.....This technique catches fish!!

Jamie Antoine

BassCrazy365.Net Ambassador

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