Ambassador - Nomku Chang Thao

BC365: How did you get started fishing?

NT: I started fishing as a kid with my parents. We would go crappie and perch fishing over at High Rock dam with my whole family. It didn't take long until I was absolutly hooked on fishing.

BC365: Why bass fishing?

NT: I first caught a bass with the good ol' green pumpkin finesse trick worm. I thought bass fishing was pretty easy at first, but quickly learned the challenges as well. It could be pretty good at times, but tough as well. I love the challenges because it makes you a better person, not just on the water but off the water too. It challenges you physically and mentally. It teaches you to be patient, confident, and help sharpen your decision making.

BC365: What is your fishing goal?

NT: My goal is to professionally bass fish and promote the sport. I absolutely love bass fishing and it would be great to see future generations have the opportunity to enjoy it.

BC365: What advice do you have for new anglers?

NT: My advice is to enjoy the waters when you are out there. Whether you are on a fishing trip or fishing a tournament, it's always important to clear your mind, relax, and catch some fish.

BC365: What makes you Bass Crazy and does it truly consume you 365 days a year?

NT: What makes me Bass Crazy is my mind is on bass fishing 365 days in year.


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