NO BOUNDARIES We often set boundaries or limitations to many of our daily activities. We wake up at a certain time, followed by a list of time slotted activities. Work, appointments, groceries, and all that fun stuff. We tend to call it life, but is that really living? You can be the judge of that. My passion for fishing and the great outdoors has taken priority over a lot of those everyday activities. One of the main reasons, there's no boundaries, the sky is the limit. Far to often I hear people digging for reasons not to go fishing. I would much rather look at the reasons to go fishing. Mother nature has a lot to offer and your crazy not to take full advantage of that.

Ive been fortunate to fish almost every way possible. It's a five to ten year plan, at least it was for me. I grew up fishing from shore. Shore fishing is fantastic but as the season goes on and water levels drop it can be hard to locate fish. I wanted to extend my season so I invested in a one hundred dollar rubber dinghy. With a small trolling motor on the back I was able to navigate to some really great fishing. My first Musky came in that rubber dinghy, what a battle. One of my most memorable fish, not for its size, but for the sheer battle and the fact that I worked butt off getting out there. The hard work payed off on that day. After a couple years in the dinghy I decided it was time to move up to a pond hopper. It was a little awkward traveling around with a ten foot boat on the roof of my little car. I made it work for a few years. Caught a ton of fish out of that rig. For a five year span I literally worked my behind off to enjoy some of mother nature's finest offerings. Not to mention the memories are priceless!! You cant buy this kind of stuff, you have to live it to appreciate it.

My passion for fishing was burning bright but I needed to feed the fire. I moved up to a seventeen foot boat with a sixty hp Mercury. Being able to jump in a boat and navigate the whole river was like winning the lotto. I even did a few tournaments. I fished that boat hard, just about everyday for six months, that's our Canadian open water season. I did that for three years. Loved every minute of it. This year I moved up to a small Bass boat. So far its been awesome, some days when I am on the water I wonder.....Is this really happening. I am still getting used to it, but the silver lining about this passion, There's always room to grow and there's no boundaries....Remember the sky is the limit!!

Jamie Antoine

BassCrazy365.Net Ambassador Jamie Antoine

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