A Bass Crazy Week

It’s amazing how much can go on in the course of a week. Some really good things happened, on the other hand some things didn’t go as planned. As a fisherman you learn to deal with it as it's just another day out on the road.

I guess it started with our Yak Freaks tournament on Saturday, 7/11/15 at Yellowwood Lake. We had done a little pre fishing a few weeks prior and were confident the lake would produce a pretty easy limit for all. Little did we know that the drive to the lake would start the long grind of tournament action. The struggle began driving through the thickest wall of fog I've ever seen. Topping that off as fog finally lifted it gave way for Mother Nature to give us some beautiful "post frontal" blue bird skys. Horrible for fishing, good in the sense that we become absolutely sick of rain in Indiana.

I had taken a buddy of mine to see what this kayak fishing thing is all about. We had arranged with the guys that run Heroes on the Water to set Kent up in a loaner kayak for the day’s event. Kent actually managed a great day, he caught big fish for the day taking home a little extra cash at his 1st ever kayak event. As for me, I struggled a bit with the post front conditions refusing to down size my arsenal. Personally I hate fishing Senko’s; all the while in the back of my mind I knew that’s what it was going to take. I had my mind made up I was going to force them to bite that 10 inch ribbon tail. The good news is that, I made it out without the smell of skunk on the kayak and a buddy that is now surfing the internet for a kayak of his own. That alone chalks the trip to Yellowwood up in the win column.

By Thursday I had looked at the extended forecast for the weekend and seen we would be holding temps in the lower 90’s with tons of humidity. At that point, I had my mind made up. I was skipping out on the gym, loading up and heading out to try the evening bite. Since it was a last minute decision I made the call to hang close to home at one of my favorite spots.

The water as always looked amazing with a light stain to it. I retied a couple of go to baits, drug my kayak though the mud and then got right to casting. After about 3 cast waking the Phase III at the surface a angry giant rocketed from the depths to absolutely crush the bait. It was on, landing 4 solid pigs and a few 2 pounders within an hour. As the sunset, I made my way to the bank ending an amazing evening on the water. Another one chalked up in the win column.

With Saturday came the 90 degree temps. Having some other things going in the morning there was still a nagging itch that had to be scratched again after the way Thursday night went down. Not wanting to push a day of misery in the heat, I waited till later in the evening and rolled to Patoka Lake. With all the neighbors to the north fishing early and being it would be a 3 hour road trip for them, I decided to ride it solo. It was nothing I hadn’t done before on a trip to Patoka. However, it would be the first tip I had made in almost 2 years. It just felt right to make this journey solo to reflect on past and current things that going on. It really helped to put some things at ease. I'm on a familiar journey all over again and I'm happy with it.

With abundance of rain, Patoka is well above summer pool. All the things I typically fish are well submerged under the surface. I have chosen to run with no depth finder this summer to make things harder on myself, focusing on feel and knowledge to pull through. That tends to make things a little more difficult in high water situations when you have a way point you want to find. So with that I laced up the 10 inch worm and flipped the brushes, logging a couple runts. As the sun fell I loaded up starting that hour long trip home soaked and ready for some AC.

It wasn’t till the home stretch that the trip took a wrong turn. As the stoplight turned back green, I got on the gas when a loud thump came from behind me. When I turned around to look, I seen a kayak laying sideways in the middle of the highway. Immediately, I stopped and threw on the flashers. Not real clear on how it happened, but that kayak got loaded up quicker than ever before in the panic. I finally got situated, made my way to the shoulder, and dug out an extra strap to lock the kayak back down. Unfortunately, tie down strps break from time to time. There wasn’t much I could have done to prevent the issue at the moment

All this the left battleship looking like it had been to the ends of the earth. She was covered in lake scum, mud, and scuffed up from sliding down highway 37. A week’s worth of battle scars and all I can do is smile. Why? Because this is fishing and I wouldn’t have it another way. It’s life on the road running solo trying to get from point A to point B. Some days you’re on fish and somedays are going to be tough. The main thing is don’t the little things drag you down. Run what you brung and do what you have to do to get it done.

Chad Brock


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