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Locked away in a small shop outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is where you will find a bass angler working to perfect his craft. Held up in a small production facility inside his home is none other than Donald Corbett, the creator and owner of the 412 Bait Company. This is the place where passion and idea have taken on a life of their own. lt all started with the love for fishing and wanting to control the exact types of baits and colors that he was fishing. Donald grew tired of being locked down by what the box stores had on the shelves. He began making baits for himself and surprisingly they seemed to really work well. That’s when the idea that maybe others would be interested in the lures he was using started seeping in.

While working a regular 9 to 5 Corbett started the journey of building his dream of what would later become the 412 Bait Company. The initial response was overwhelming and started to grow a near cult like following in the kayak fishing world. The top selling Phase III spinnerbait has kayak anglers such as Noah Heck quietly posting photo’s that send social media buzzing with excitement. It doesn’t stop there as Corbett is constantly meeting the people that are using his 412 products out on the road at various tournaments. The 412 social media presence continue to grow along with the orders. But still Corbett says that seeing people having success with his products has always been one of the most rewarding parts of his business.

(Missy Hoffman sorts and prepares orders for shipment)

With all the recent success Corbett recently scaled back the hours he works at his daytime job taking on a part time roll earlier this year. “I held off going part time as long as possible just simply due to fear to be honest. It’s a big step to put that much faith in yourself and your business. Basically it took me becoming completely overwhelmed with orders to make the jump. That being said, I went into a new part time schedule at my day job with a backlog of over 75 orders at 412. Part time or not I knew this was going to take a crazy amount of hard work to keep things rolling.” said Corbett. Now just 2 months in the new orders coming at a faster rate. Donald has managed to cut the backlog to around 40 orders and is continuing to knock that number down quickly. Once everything is caught up his plans are to add additional equipment that will make the 412 Bait Company more capable of producing higher volumes reducing their lead times

While Donald himself creates the vision of what goes on at 412 Bait Company the baits themselves are where the true story lies. Just as soon as you pop open the UPS box you will notice that all the lures are packaged neatly and professionally into each bag. Upon closer inspection you will notice that each item has a good clean and crisp edge. It’s very clear that Corbett has taken the time to make sure all his products meet his personal standards right out of the box.

So Corbett is a nice and passionate guy, the baits are near perfection but will they catch fish? When I order baits to try I tend to order the minimum amount. It’s important for me to beat the bait till it fails, so I ordered only 1 set of the 412 3/8 oz. Phase III spinnerbaits and prized Yoda trailers.

Right out of the package the Phase III tracked true, hooks were sharp, the blade thumped like an animal, and the bait didn’t have tons of drag as it moved through the water. I paired the Phase III with a 5:4 Okuma Citrix on 15 pound fluorocarbon line while using a St. Croix 7 foot MoJo Bass Spinnerbait rod. This Combo had proven to be a perfect match as I have probably caught in the neighborhood of 50 bass on this 1 bait. The wire has been bent every which way at this point and has had its share of adjustments, but has yet to fail. As for the Yoda Trailer, well, I am still on my 1st package that I received this past April. The plastic is durable and has preformed week in and week out.

Check out 412 Bait Co at www.412baitco.com

Phase III ordered by BassCrazy365.Net

Yoda Trailers Donated by 412 Bait Co.

Specs: Phase III Spinnerbait

Size: 3/8 oz.

Blade: Chrome 4 ½ Willow Blade

Color: Tennessee Shad

Trailer: 3.5 Yoda Swimbait / Color: Cold Steel

Chad Brock


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