"Plan B"


Plan B. Those proverbial two words every angler or anyone for that matter don’t want to hear or utter. In light of recent storms and upcoming tournament I thought I would sit back and reflect on how important “Plan B” should be.

I, as most of us kayak anglers, attempt to get out as much as humanly possible. So when a good friend asks if you want to fish a private lake loaded with big, fat mama’s you don’t decline. Which is the case of my last outing. I most of my fishing exploits begin I was lazily sitting watching TV early in the week relaxing from not only from a grueling previous week of work but also my recent tournament on Patoka, which her and I have much unfinished business. You know what you did! Anyway, as I sit enjoying whatever brain rotting smut is on the tube I receive a text from good buddy and fellow Bass Crazy nut, Chad. He informs me that there is an awesome private lake loaded with fish and would I be inclined to join him on the adventure. Like a child getting asked if he would want ice cream for dinner I excitedly said yes. As the week progressed and the rains fell in central Indiana, close to a week straight I paid little attention. For rain while on a lake is no big to me, just another day on the water. Rain on my river days, we got a problem. Friday rolls around, another text from Chad.

“Looks like rain tomorrow.”

“And?” I reply

“Oh, nothing just though you would like to know before you drive down.”

“Nope, I’m good. No lightening and gale force winds. I’m sound as a pound. Besides we’ve had approximately 6 days of straight rain, what’s one more day?”

“Awesome, see you in the morning.”


4 am comes quick when you can’t sleep. But, unlike work days I pop out of bed and ready myself for the day without hitting the snooze, cursing at the time or drag to get ready, for there are fish to be had. Being the ultra-prepared I fisherman I am, I was loaded up the night before, so a quick turn of the ignition and off I go. Upon arrival it was quite clear that they had received some pretty severe storms that we did not, but again lake, no worries. With all meetings of fisherman there is a ritual exchanging of formalities. After the greetings I am informed we are still awaiting the arrival of our third cohort, who apparently unlike every other fisherman I know is good friends with his snooze button. Chad and I finally get tired of discussing fishing, the tournament on Patoka and our upcoming project and decide to head out and Sleeping Beauty will meet us there. As we whipped and winded through the back roads of rural southern Indiana it was very clear just how bad the storms were the night before. Several spots of high water, downed trees and all around windblown carnage. We finally arrived at the crossroad to salvation. All that separated us from fat bottom girls and heart ache was a right turn. We quickly noticed a couple of vehicles on either side of a rather large puddle that had formed over the road. Now I am no stranger to high water and I have done some crazy things in the past so I got this. Upon further investigation into the situation I happened to notice a mailbox, or what I can only assume was a mailbox as much of it was underwater. It was at that moment the realization that “I got this!” turned to “HOLY S*** THAT’S SOME DEEP WATER!” To both Chad and I’s amazement we sat and watched a rather large diesel take on what I’m referring to Heartbreak Lake. He slowly and cautiously forded through, to which the water rose to roughly halfway up the door. It was apparent we’re not going that way. Quickly the phones came out and an alternate route was the goal much to no avail. So just like that hopes, dreams, ambitions and whatever other thoughts of joy were gone. CURSE YOU HEARTBREAK LAKE!! So Chad being the gracious host that he is quickly made some calls, Plan B was in full swing. A quick rendezvous back at the house with Sleeping Beauty and off to spot number two. Which much to our surprise came with just as much excitement as Plan A. Mainly the complete removal of a couple of downed trees from the road. The day did in the water and did not end with a skunk. But it shows to importance of having that all-encompassing “Plan B” or “C” or whatever letter you make it to. Even now as I sit here, scouring over weather charts, gauge readings farmers almanacs, ect. in preparation for the Midwest Madness tournament. Which if you fish just one tournament a year or thinking of fishing one. This tournament is awesome. Any public water in the state is fair game, party at weigh in, amazing prizes. But anyway, I’m planning my “Plan B.” So just remember that we may all hate “Plan B” but we should never overlook the fact that it is just as important, if not more important than “Plan A.”

Until next time, Tight Lines.

Kyle Polk


BassCrazy365.net Ambassacor

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