Why I Fish...Rivers.


Why I Fish...Rivers.

‘Each mile on a river will take you further from home than a hundred miles on a road.’ ~Bob Marshall

Since the first time I paddled down a river this quote comes to mind. It’s especially relevant when asked why I prefer to fish rivers over larger bodies of water. There’s something, well…just plain different. Whether it’s the atmosphere, fish or uniqueness of each river, every trip is something to remember.

Let me go ahead and say that I do enjoy fishing in large lakes, ponds and salt water just as much as most. But in that statement lies some insight to one reason the rivers, to me, are home. “MOST”…most people go to those other various bodies of water. I prefer the solitude, peacefulness, silence and grandeur that many times can only be found on the remote winding waters off the beaten path. This is also one reason why I love fishing from a kayak. These smaller, less accessible waters, are custom made for kayak bass fishing.

The fish and wildlife are just a little bit wilder on the river. No matter where I go it seems that the fish jump a little higher, the birds sing a little louder and the fall leaves glow a little bit brighter on the river. There’s an inherent attitude that plants and animals must have to call the river, and its banks, home sweet home. Just as the river’s rapids and current challenge a kayak fisherman, the plants and animals have their work cut out for them, if they’re to take advantage of what the river has to offer. Watching and interacting with the non-scripted show on any given trip will keep you coming back.

The allure of moving water is something that gets into your bones. The twists and turns of a wild river seem to eventually mirror the very DNA inside of you, and subsequently define who you are as a fisherman. It’s been said that to fish the same river twice is impossible. Once you experience river bass fishing, you’ll be different… just like the river.

Stewart Venable

BassCrazy365.net Ambassador

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