I’m really surprised it took us as long as it did. But coming from running a lot of bigger bass boat tournaments I think we were very determined that was the route we really wanted to go; a big boat, big water, and fast paced tournaments. But as these last 2 years have progressed and we’ve been flooded with pictures from anglers from all areas of the sport, we’ve really found an area that I believe is the perfect fit for our souls and how we fish. Kayak fishing may be a new journey but it feels like home and a place we’ve always belonged. And were not even 2 weeks into it…

There’s something very Zen-like about watching the sun rise as the crickets and frogs begin to go quiet and the fog lifts off of the water as its time to venture out on a new day of fishing. But it’s way better without the roar of a motor at the back of the boat. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve both been horsepower and speed junkies in our day, but for me, fishing is a lot like hunting. I like to go in quiet and listen to the world around me, I feel like I learn more and am more connected that way and kayak fishing fits the criteria for that. There are very few restrictions on where you can take a kayak and its hard telling where that will lead us, but I’m sure it will be an adventure and some water that hasn’t seen an artificial lure in quite some time or maybe ever. Maybe to a small lake back in the timber that holds some truly wild fish that have never experienced that hook-set, and that’s when memories will be made.


This venture has got my fire going for fishing again in a way that hasn’t been there in a while. I probably fished less last summer than I have in a long time but I think I was a little burnt out on the faster paced tournament game. I once thought that was a direction I wanted to go and could make a living at one day. The more I experienced it, the more I realized I’d rather take the time to experience it rather than being focused so much on the competition. The lifestyle of the kayakers that we have observed so much over the last 2 years on Bass Crazy 365 is one I cannot wait to embrace.

As the weather steadily climbs here in the Midwest and the waters begin to warm, we’re knocking the dust off of the tackle and learning new ways to make this kayak fit the way we like to fish. Making adjustments and modifications to make sure we can get every piece of tackle in it that we can and be organized enough to get to it when we need it. Spending a little time each night in the back yard shed developing a game plan and getting to know a new type of watercraft is a journey in itself and I can’t wait to see what it can do on the water. It’s time to get Bass Crazy.

Zach Bailiff


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