Flipping The Script


With Bass Crazy 365 nearing 2 years old in May, I'd be liar if I said it hadn't changed my views on fishing and how I want to fish. Week in and week out we get some really cool photos sent into us that peak my interest, but none as much as the kayak photos have.

It really all started in July of 2013 when Stewart Venable started blowing up our time line with some really cool pictures of hawgs caught from his kayak. Before I was really able to grasp what was happening, Bass Crazy 365 was flooded with kayak anglers posting every week. It was at that point we knew we needed to get more knowledgeable help in the kayak area of fishing, so we started the Kayak Division with Jeremy Williams, Amy Johnson, and Stewart.

I quickly began to learn more and more and the voice in the back of my mind kept telling me I absolutely had to find out what it was all about. In my mind I had painted this image of the up close and personal love affair with nature and beast.

This past winter I did a podcast with Drew Gregory and Noah Heck that pushed things over the edge. Drew and Noah had informed me that the River Bassin trail would stop in Indiana in 2015. Right then I knew Bass Crazy 365 had to be there and not just to cover the event, we needed to get in and fish this thing. This style of fishing plays right into our wheelhouse and the hamster was having a hard time keeping up with the wheel at this point.


So now here I am, 1 week into the new journey, and all I can say is that it's everything I expected and more. In a very short time I have gained so much respect for these guys it's unreal. What they do isn't easy. These plastic boats are not light weight, they are heavy and awkward. There's much more to it than just pulling up to a spot and casting, you have to read the current and float it right all while maintaining reel speed and keep control of your boat and lure. If your out of shape you better get ready... because it's you and a paddle that are going to guide you and it definitely takes some skill.

I'm excited to continue this journey and have this opportunity. I can't wait to watch the sun and the steam rise off the water as I paddle my way to new memories on the water.

Chad Brock


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