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For years I had been told the creek just down the road was home to some of the greatest smallmouth bass fishing in our area. With this knowledge heeded warning due to the fact that the creeks best fishing snaked through our local public golf course. It was easy to obey that warning early as wading seemed like a hassle and of course that fear of the unknown, so I stayed away.

It wasn't until a fall tournament on Patoka Lake that I realized the heart pumping adrenaline rush of fishing for smallmouth. Late in the tournament my partner had hooked into not one but TWO 3 pound smallmouth on back to back casts. The fight was of epic proportions, heck I was just as shook up being the net man in that moment. Those two casts then spent the winter on constant replay every time I closed my eyes.

The following summer I got off my high horse and hit a creek tucked in the hills of Orange County Indiana with a long time friend from the tournament scene. This small water venue set the stage for becoming a creek junkie cast after cast. Turns out there is something magical about being waist deep with a 17 inch smallmouth on light tackle trying to hog tie you with your own line. The fishing was epic and the fire was burning hot.


After that trip I returned home only to find myself throwing caution to the wind and going feet first into the creek tucked away in the middle of the public golf course. Much to my own surprise I did not have to search to far before I began finding those deep rocky pools that held brown gold. Hook set after hook set I became addicted to catching these fish on their court. It’s up close and personal the second that 8 pound line takes off and that rod tip loads up with the speed and ferocity of those hyperactive bass.

Nowadays over in the corner of my home office you will see a small tackle bag designated to the creeks. It is equipped with its special set of lures to tackle small water. These days the truth is that wading the creeks has become one of my favorite ways to get my fishing fix. Take the boats and take the jersey, just put me in a creek with some craw baits, a good spinning combo, and some 8 pound line. I’ll get Bass Crazy 365 days a year in my rocky stretch of happiness.

Chad Brock


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