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Someplace deep down in our tackle lies a lure with a story. We don't throw them anymore because we would be devastated to lose them. They get passed by time after time but when we come across them they always seem to put a smile on our face.

For me it's a pearl white 3/8 oz. spinnerbait. What makes it so special? Well to be honest, it's a number of things. We were just a couple of young kids on a team tournament trail trying to make our way and get that 1st win. The exciting feeling we got every time we hit the water for another tournament that screamed in our heads, “Today is the day we break though!”.

It started in the fall when I met Don Woods owner of, at that time, DR Lures. Now, I've never asked Don why on earth he took the time to help 2 high energy kids in their mid 20’s, but he did. He must have felt sorry for us. Each lure he pulled out of his boat and handed us came with a tip and a life lesson. Typically it was the normal dirty and onry life lessons only an older accomplished military vet would be able to share. As far as the lure, it was always seemingly followed with a "You Boys" and something about a "Big Bullfrog".

The win never came that fall but when it did happen the following fall the first hand shake was from the man we now call the "Godfather" followed with an, "I told you boys". He was as proud and excited as we were. That feeling of pride that we felt taking that cash home was one of the most gratifying experiences of my fishing career.


(Left to Right- Adam Flynn, Don Woods, & Chad Brock. Photo taken May 4th 2012)

Since then Don has retired and moved to Kentucky Lake. It's getting close to 2 years since I've seen him. I think it is funny how our last conversation sometime after was about how he was still proud of what we had done. To have that feeling of approval means the world to us.

I hope that in your tackle lies a memory. Hopefully your able to take that lure and look at it from time to time and reflect. I know there's nothing special about the lure itself. But then again maybe there's just a little drop of blood on every bait from Linton, Indiana and that's good enough for me.

Keep Fishing,

Chad Brock

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