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I am bass crazy. I’m well aware there are thousands of people out there who call themselves “bass crazy” as well. I am part of a lesser known faction of crazy people, whom many consider to be by far the “craziest.” We’re the ones who arekayak bass crazy.

I grew up from the back of a bass boat, staring across a lake that changed every week. My dad was a competitive bass angler in the late 70’s through the 80’s. My playground was the tackle locker and whatever was in the live well. The trend of fishing followed me throughout my adolescence and into my teenage years. Then came college, and I hit a snag. There was no place for a bass boat in my dorm…this was a problem.

Kayak fishing was the answer to the problem. At the time, when you were seen fishing from a kayak you might as well have been a leper. People laughed, told me to get back on the bank…all kinds of stuff. This basically brings me to my point…trash talk is just “stuff.” When I set out to catch trophy bass from a kayak I counted on it being a challenge. Since that time I have come to realize it’s actually a blessing in disguise. I can go places the big glittered up bass boats can never dream of going. And that’s where many of the biggest, meanest, most challenging bass hang out!

OK so it’s time to shift gears. You can see where I was going with this idea about how kayak fishing is, in many ways, more advantageous than other forms of bass fishing. While I do believe it is, there’s also advantages to fishing from the bank, in a pontoon or jonboat, or a float tube and there’s really no way to deny the sheer awesomeness that 250 horses of “get there now” is offered up from a bass boat. I mean let’s face it…it might take me minute to lock through from lakeErie to Ontario like the Elite, or FLW, guys can do. That would suck in a kayak.

But just as anyone who loves there form of bass fishing, I will vehemently defend mine as the best fit for me and how I choose to pursue my passion. Bottom line is this…if you are certifiably nuts about chasing big bass that hit like a freight train and peel line like you owe them lunch money, then we are cut from the same cloth. If the 30% discount you get from the names on your jersey makes chasing your dreams “just within reach” then hell yes wear that shirt with pride! If it makes you look cool in the check outline at the grocery store…we’ll talk later.

I’ve come to realize that I don’t care how anyone fishes, where they fish, or even what they fish with, so long as WHY they fish is on target. I believe a 10lb bass from your uncle’s farm pond is just as much a trophy as the double digit from Falcon Lake. I’m for fishing like you’re crazy…because deep down you are. You’re BASS CRAZY.

Stewart Venable

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