10 with Rebekka Redd

10 questions with the one and only Rebekka Redd. You may know her from being one of the new host on the hit TV show The New Fly Fisher which airs on stations like NESN, WFN, WFN HD, ROGERS, KUEN, and CTV TWO ALBERTA. Rebekka brings her "A" game as a accomplished fly angler and photographer. She has hooked up with fish all across North America and is set to write her legend as one of the great female anglers. With all that in mind Bass Crazy 365 gives you 10 questions with Rebekka Red!!! BC365: At what point did you start your journey as a angler? RR: I was about 8 when my journey started! My brothers where much older than I and taught me about the sport! BC365: What is it about fly fishing that's hooked you? Was it immediate or was it a passion that grew over time? RR: Immediate! I love the art of casting but the challenge! To mix challenge with elegance created an instant passion! The passion continues to grow with each cast. BC365: Do you tie your own flies? RR: Sometimes! Finding time in a busy schedule is difficult but I would like to step things up! I currently use flies from a great fly company but will be tying my own too in the very near future. BC365: Tell us a little about your fly rod setup, do you have different combinations that you use depending on the type of fish you are after that day? RR: I typically go after bass, pike and trout / steelhead around where I live. My most used rods are a 6 , 7 & 8 wt , primarily with a clouser taper line to really turn over those big fly's BC365: Your adventures have taken you to some magical places, where is the place you consider your favorite or the place that has stood out the most to you? RR: The irony is that even with all my travels the most magical place for me is a stones through from the place where I grew up! The Kam river, near my home in Northern Ontario, is my little heaven and contains an assortment of species to fish! I should mention though, that the Bahamas and fishing for Bonefish was quite magical also! BC365: Tell us a little about what goes into the planning for your fishing adventures? RR: If it's a personal day trip then packing my jeep with my rods, reels and cameras is most of the planning I do, as spontaneity makes for more excitement! If the trip is for work / The new Fly Fisher show that I film with - then that is a huge under taking!! It's packing my luggage carefully to ensure I have a wide variety of clothes for all sorts of crazy and unpredictable weather! Matching my gear with the species of fish is very important and of course making sure I have enough memory cards to capture it all on film! - and the list goes on! Sometimes I'm gone a month filming so it feels like I am always moving! BC365: What advice would Rebekka Redd offer to anglers thinking of stepping out of their comfort zone to try the sport fly fishing? RR: Go for it!!! Start with casting practice on the lawn. Borrow a rod and reel from a friend who has one and ask questions and listen carefully to those that have experience in the sport! Practice casting with a small amount of line out at first because too much line is challenging! Once the basics are down - by all means get out on the water and try your luck with some bass or pike near the marshy shores. These beauties truly are a fun fight with a fly rod! I would warn the anglers though, once you try fly fishing you will be hooked for life! Pun Intended! BC365: You have amazing talents as an angler but you also have an eye for photography, how important is it to you to be able to bring these two passions together into your career? RR: Well, first off, Thank you! I must say it is very important. I love them both and to choose one over the other would be difficult! To be able to merge and bring these two passions together is a dream come true! Nature and fishing brings both gorgeous scenery and excitement so to partake in the excitement while capturing the gorgeous moments on film is perfect! BC365: As anglers we try encourage the next generation of anglers. What are some of the things you have been involved with to encourage these young anglers to get their feet wet? RR: I enjoy teaching casting to the youth in my city while volunteering my time at outdoor shows! They always have the greatest and cutest questions! I recently became an Aunty and I hope his first word is fishing! As anglers, we are all in a position to plant a seed in the youth of today so help grow their passion! BC365: Where can Bass Crazy 365 fans learn more about Rebekka Redd and your adventures? RR: https://www.facebook.com/RebekkaR :) Tight Lines! THANK YOU BASS CRAZY, YOU ARE THE BEST! BC365: Thank you so much for your time and good luck in the future!

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