BassCrazy365 Episodes

Bass Crazy EP1

The first official trip of Bass Crazy, November 2013, Patoka Lake, IN with Chad Brock and Zach Bailiff. Leaving the tournament life behind and making the journey all about the fish because we are, Bass Crazy!

BC365 EP2 "The Creek Show"

Follow the Bass Crazy 365 crew as they tackle Leathwood Creek in Southern Indiana

BC365 EP4 "Lemons, Not Lemonade

We've all seen a day on the water when everything goes right. What happens when it goes the opposite way?

BC365 EP5 "Kentucky Dreams"

Jay and Dean give us a quick look into their morning at Kentucky Lake

BC365 EP7 "Orange County Bank Fishing"

A short bank fishing trip with Chris and Colton Peek off the beating path.

BC365 EP9 "River Hunting with Polk"

A day on the river with Kyle Polk

BC365 EP11 "Lost Hawg Farm Footage"

We take a trip to the old stone quarry with the old Jon boat from Bass Crazy Episode 1 in search of a giant.

BC365 EP13 "Donkeyville"

Seeking out new places to fish in southern Indiana we stumbled across a hidden gem we like to call Donkeyville

BC365 EP15 "1st Trip of 2019"

We catch a rare nice day in January and take the opportunity to get out in the Jackson Kayak Liskas for a bit.

BC365 EP17 "Bank Fishing In Febuary"

Getting in some bank fishing at the only spot not frozen after a super cold week.

BC365 EP19 "Weeknight Kayak Fishing"

Chad and Jay take a quick weeknight kayak fishing trip to Bad Hollow Lake

BC365 EP21 "Kayak Fishing with Robert Field"

Recently I had the opportunity to meet up and fish with Field Trips very own Robert Field here in Southern Indiana. Stay tuned to Roberts Channel for his up coming episode of Field Trips.

BC365 EP6 "Back to Kentucky"

Vloging the way to Kentucky Lake for a day of Jackson Kayak demos during the FLW Costa event with Kentucky Lake Outdoors.

BC365 EP8 "A Quiet Morning"

The sights and sounds of a quiet morning when the camera is just on and it's just fishing.

BC365 EP10 "1st YF Event of 2017"

Taking on the 1st YF Event of the year in Brown County.

BC365 EP12 "The Slop Hole"

Post front, full moon phase and 6 pound bass as we take on "The Slop Hole"

BC365 EP14 "December Kayak Fishing Bust"

A quick fishing trip railroaded by 15 to 20 mph wind gust on surprisingly nice day in December

BC365 EP16 "Checking Out The Big Rid HDFD"

Working with Canoe KY at the Louisville KY Boat Show and getting a chance to checkout the new Jackson Kayak Big Rig HDFD.

BC365 EP18 "Pontoon Bass Fishing In Florida"

Jay and Muffy break the monotony of our Indiana winter and fly to Florida for a little winter bass fishing.

BC365 EP20 "Making Content for Kayak Fishing"

Taking time talking to you guys about the type of content and direction for the channel.

Field Trips Episode
"Topwater Fishing an Abandoned Quarry"

In this episode I've made it to Indiana and am linking up with Chad Brock to fish an abandoned limestone quarry for bass. Indiana produces a special kind of limestone that has been used around the world for monuments like the Pentagon, Empire State Building and more. And the topwater bite is on FIRE in this unique fishery.