Chad Brock(owner / creator)

Born and raised in the small town of Bedford, Indiana, Brock spent a lot of time playing basketball and riding dirt bikes.  It wasn't until later in life that he took up bass fishing and found refuge in the competition of the local tournament trail. After a few years, Brock began creating what would later become BassCrazy365.

With the creation of the new social media outlet, Brock began communicating with different people around the world of kayak fishing and deciding he needed to give it a try.  It was an immediate passion as he saw the benefits from being down closer to the water.  As you tour the BassCrazy365 website you will find it littered with different blogs and videos from Brock's journeys in bass fishing.  It has become a way of life as the passion continues to grow with every adventure.​

Jay Anderson Co-Owner


Stewart Venable 

Growing up as the son of a competitive bass angler Stewart spent more time on a boat than the playground. From a very young age he found the allure of fishing irresistible, and has spent many years pursuing trophy fish throughout the Southeastern Unites States. While attending college in the North Carolina mountains he discovered kayak fishing. The simple, yet technical, mindset of kayak fishing was a perfect match for a borderline obsessed fisherman. Searching for something that would test his drive and determination as an angler he took to the rivers. The allure of pure, remote, waters that course through the heart of the country seem to be the only medication for this man’s chronic case of angling adventure. When not bound by the confines of civilization he is, without fail, fishing a tournament or hunting the narrow depths in search of fish with aggressive tendencies and ill-advised appetites. For Stewart fishing is not a hobby, it’s a way of life.


Nick Brummett


Marcas Grubbs